Monday July 14 Bastille Day Wine Dinner Party


Hey, the French know how to party. Food, wine, music and great company plus an occasion for it all.  What better than Monday, July 14, the French celebration of independence. We’re happy to celebrate Bastille day with a wine dinner party at Oak 63, featuring the incomparable musical stylings of master accordionist Terry Bell. He will play every French song you can hum.  And he plays anything else you request.  He’s never met a song he couldn’t conquer in an incredible style that will have you dancing if you’re so inclined or at least singing and nodding in joyful agreement.  But that’s just part of our Bastille day.  We have our wine connoisseur Marc Joseph, we have our French culturist and baker Tante Bette Bremser.  We have the great food and service of Chef JB and his team:  Kenny, Brooke, Peter and the Megans.  We’re going to start with music and open bottles, rouge and blanc, of a special wine dedicated to the original language of the ocitane (langue d’oc), the glorious sunny south of France.
With the bottles we’ll have appetizers and great music from the aforementioned Monsieur Bell. After a bit of that, we’ll move to a 4 course sitdown dinner with paired French wine pairings and appropriate conversation from Marc and Bette.  Then we’ll have more music as long as anyone wants.  The price is $100 inclusive and seating is limited. Come around 6, the sitdown dinner after 7.   If you want to be a part of these Bastille festivities, call us. 816.569.6310.  

Monday July 14 Bastille Day Wine Dinner Party

Appetizers:  Pate de Magret a la Maison, Popcorn a la Truffe, Pissaladiere, Pane a la Maison

2012 Erau Blanc & Erau Rouge (Cabernet Sauvignon), Languedoc

Coquilles Saint-Jacques a l’Effilochee d’Endives

2011 Domaine Galevan Libre Blanc, Cotes du Rhone

Salad de Chevre Chaud Marine

2011 Domaine Galevan Paroles De Femme Rouge, Cotes du Rhone

Steak Frites au Poivre Verts  

2010 Ogier Oratorio Gigondas 

Desserts a la Tante Bette

NV Pierre Chanier Seduction Rose (Bubbly)

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